User Experience & Web Performance

We are experts in performance improvement of web services.
Our objective is to increase the end-user satisfaction for better business results!

David Marroncle

CEO, Quadran

Our Business Lines

IT Consultancy

An approach tailored to your situation and methods developed from our experience


IS Architecture

Analysis of the value, benchmark and deployment of solutions

Software maker

Development of innovative software solutions

A pragmatic approach for solutions adapted to your company.
Services and products developed from our experience.

Philippe Barette

CTO, Quadran

Our Services Lines

Web Performance & User Experience

Web Performance & User Experience

A 360° offer to improve the technical performance of your web services and optimise user experience.

Continuous Services Integration - User experience

Continuous Services Integration

Approved methods for continuous integration of your services and improve the quality of deliveries

Agility - User Experience


Experts and best practices to assist you in your Agile transformation

Our Products

Developed from our experience – our best-in-class selection:


Real End-User Monitoring

Provide real web user experience and easy performance analysis

User experience - Solutions to improve web performance

Solutions to improve web performance

CDN, Web Acceleration, Front-End Optimisation, Media delivery, DDOS attack (Akamai, Limelight…)


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