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For web service managers, IT or digital marketing experts

appYuser measures the end-user experience and web performance

(SaaS mode, Tag deployment)

End-user experience monitoring

View of real end-user experience for all your users regarding the technical performance of your services

To fix problems

Last mile? ISP? Application? Server? Network? Database?
A module to rapidly target the segment that is malfunctioning


If services “pages” are not available or too slow, or if end-user satisfaction is not good. Without probe or robot!


Reports on the level of performance of your services, raw data export for your third-party systems

Uses the standard appYdex

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appYuser is the first step to set up a continuous improvement of your web services, compliant with Agile & DevOps best practices!

A user experience dashboard

A simple indicator of the level of satisfaction of all your users all around the world or by country.

Probe and robot-free, no simulation, just the real end-user experience.

Operates independently of any development of your services (addition or modification of pages).

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User experience evolution

Detects regression or improvement (move into production of new services, quality of your service provider or ISP, increased traffic, etc.).

Evaluates the added-value of each improvement

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appYuser - évolution de la satisfaction
appYuser - diagnostic

Real end-user oriented diagnostics!

A tool to immediately target the segments or applications that are causing problems for your users (client, last mile, internet, data center, application, etc.).

Comparisons by use (browser, ISP, OS, location, devise, etc.) A trustworthy third party, neither judge nor jury, to monitor your SLA.

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Compatible with all CMSs, enterprise portals, applications and connected objects!

Oracle, Microsoft, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Liferay, Magento, PrestaShop…

Easy setup

(a SaaS solution, no equipment or HR investment required)

 How does it work?

1-32 Create an account

2-32 Simply retrieve the marker and include it in the header and footer of your site

3-32 Log into appYuser (on the internet) and view the level of satisfaction of your users


Within a few minutes you will have an actual and exhaustive view of the experience from all your users







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Aurélien Tamas Leloup

IT Consultant, Quadran